The Greek God Of…Talk?

Youk Has Been An Entertaining Addition In The Booth

Kevin Youkilis may have only been calling games for the NESN network for a short time, but he’s already made quite an impression. As a former player for the Red Sox, Youkilis deeply understands the game. He’s able to provide insights that other commentators can’t. But what sets him apart is his sense of humor.

Youkilis can find light-hearted moments in even the most intense games. He’s also relatable, often making self-deprecating jokes about his career or image. As a result, Youkilis has quickly become a fan favorite over the past few months in the booth. His easy-going personality and knowledge of the game make him the perfect person to call Red Sox games.

Youk has also developed a nice relationship with fellow analyst Dennis Eckersley, and the two have developed a good rapport, given their similarities in delivery. It’s clear both Dave O’Brien and Eckersley are enjoying having him around.

He played for the Red Sox from 2004 to 2012, winning two World Series titles with the team. He then spent a year with the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees before retiring from baseball in 2014.

Youk gives a tour of his brewery

Since retirement, Youk has also owns and operates the brewery Loma Prieta Brewing Company located in Los Gatos, California. It specializes in producing IPAs and other hoppy beers. He says that he enjoys being able to experiment with different hops and malt ratios to create unique flavor profiles.

Youkilis’s brewery has won several awards, including a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Beyond the brewery, Youkilis also spent time as a scout and development consultant for the Chicago Cubs in 2015.

What do you think? Is Kevin Youkilis doing a good job on NESN?

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  1. Sign him up! Baseball intelligence, funny, relatable. He’s a GREAT FIT IN THE BROADCAST BOOTH

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