The Greek God Of Talk Is Back In 2023


Youk To Become Primary Red Sox Color Commentator in 2023

According to MassLive’s Chris Cotillo, former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis is set to take over as the primary color commentator for the 2023 season. Youkilis was a fan favorite during his time with the team and quickly brought that same energy to his new role behind the microphone.

Let’s take a closer at why Youkilis will succeed in his new full-time role in 2023.

Kevin Youkilis’s Playing Career

Kevin Youkilis’ time as a member of the Boston Red Sox was a significant period of success for both the player and the team. Not only did Youkilis help the team to the AL East title in 2007 and two World Series titles, but he also enjoyed his personal successes. During his time with Boston, Youkilis was voted an All-Star in three seasons (2008, 2009, 2011) and won a Gold Glove award at first base in 2007.

His .284 batting average across nine years with the team is also noteworthy and owed much to his disciplined approach with an eye for finding hittable pitches. Youk’s legacy is always thought of fondly when discussing former Boston Red Sox players of the past.

The Greek God of Talk

Last season, Kevin Youkilis provided meaningful insights and analysis during NESN broadcasts as a part-time color commentator for the Sox. Primarily working alongside Dave O’Brien and now-retired analyst Dennis Eckersley, they brought a lot of good insight to the NESN booth.

As someone who had experienced both winning and losing within Fenway Park, Youkilis had a unique ability to connect with viewers at home while perfectly encapsulating certain moments on air with his authenticity and charm.

Brings A Different Perspective

Youkilis knows what it’s like to be in the dugout and at bat, which allows him to provide insightful commentary from different angles. He also knows how to read players’ body language and can use that knowledge when analyzing their performance during games.

These unique insights give viewers an understanding of how baseball players operate during games, which gives the viewer perspective of what’s happening on the diamond.

My favorite thing about Youkilis in the booth last season was the stories he has from back in his playing days. Which filled in a lot of downtime during Sox games and kept me engaged with the broadcast

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m excited for Kevin Youkilis to become the primary color commentator for Red Sox games in 2023. He brings different perspectives and a familiar face from my childhood. His contagious enthusiasm was always a memorable part of his on-field personality, which absolutely translated to the booth in 2022.

He made the long games toward the end of last season more watchable, and I always enjoyed hearing his insights. I’m expecting great things from him in 2023, and I’m excited about his future in the NESN broadcast booth.

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