A Guide to the Classic Game of Jacks 


A Guide to the Classic Game of Jacks 

Have you ever heard of the classic game of jacks? It’s a fun and simple game that all ages can enjoy. The goal is to scoop up jacks and a ball in one hand before the ball bounces twice. It is perfect if you’re looking for an easy and nostalgic game! Grab your set of jacks, and let’s get started. 

How Do You Play? 

The most basic version of the game is called “onesies.” In this version, each player starts with five small metal pieces (the jacks) scattered on a flat surface. The player then throws a small rubber ball up in the air and must pick up one jack before catching the ball. Then they must do it again, picking up two jacks before catching the ball.

They continue until they have picked up all five before catching the ball. The next round is called “twosies,” where players try to collect two sets of five before catching the ball, gradually increasing in difficulty. 

More Advanced Versions 

Many other variations of this classic game make it more challenging for players who want a bit more excitement! For example, there’s “Fivesies,” which requires players to collect five sets of five jacks before catching the ball; “Spinners,” which requires players to spin one jack at a time before collecting it; and “Around-the-World,” which requires players to go around each jack starting from one side and to end on another side before collecting it. 

Overall Rules 

If you drop any of your jacks or fail to catch the ball after throwing it in the air, your turn ends, and it passes over to your opponent’s turn. Also, remember that you cannot pick up multiple jacks at once; you must pick them up one at a time.

Finally, remember that if any part of your hand touches any part of any jack while trying to collect them, that counts as dropping them, so be very careful!


Jax is an age-old classic game children and adults enjoy! It’s easy enough for kids but still offers plenty of challenge for more experienced players thanks to its various variations like Fivesies, Spinners, or Around-the-World.