Signs Of A Bad Youth Coach

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What Are The Signs Of A Bad Youth Coach?

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You want them to grow up happy and healthy, with the ability to succeed in whatever they put their minds to.

Part of giving your child the best possible chance in life is ensuring that they have positive role models to look up to – people who will help them learn and grow and who will support them along the way.

While some coaches are truly dedicated to helping their young charges reach their full potential, others are more interested in winning at all costs. These bad coaches can be detrimental to your child in a number of ways.

Poor Communication Skills 

A good coach should be able to clearly explain drills and expectations in an age-appropriate way and be open to questions from players and parents alike.

If your child’s coach fails to provide clear directions or responds negatively to questions, this could indicate that they need effective communication skills and may not be the right fit for your child’s team. 

Lack of Respect For Players

Respect is key in any relationship between players and coaches. Players should feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of humiliation or belittlement from their coaches.

A good youth sports coach will understand this and treat all players equally regardless of their skill level or ability. If your child feels disrespected by their coach in any way, it may be time to look elsewhere for a better option. 

Inability To Adapt 

Coaches who need to adapt their coaching style depending on the circumstances can create an uncomfortable environment for players and parents.

A good youth sports coach will recognize when changes need to be made to ensure everyone has a positive experience and adjust accordingly as needed. If your child’s coach seems inflexible or unwilling to change their approach, that could be another sign that they need to be right for the job. 

Other Bad Signs

1. Constantly yelling at the kids.

2. Frequently uses profanity.

3. Regularly belittles or embarrasses the kids.

4. Is always talking about winning and losing and doesn’t seem to care about the kids’ enjoyment of the sport.

5. Seems to favor certain players over others.

6. Constantly arguing with parents or other coaches.

7. Appears unorganized and unprepared for practices and games.

8. Constantly changes the rules or plays favorites with the kids.

How A Bad Youth Coach Can Be Detrimental To Your Child

Damage Your Child’s Self-Esteem: If a coach is constantly berating your child for making mistakes, or if they make it clear that winning is the only thing that matters, your child is likely to come away from their experiences feeling bad about themselves. This can lead to them becoming discouraged and giving up on their goals instead of continuing to strive for improvement.

Teach Your Child Poor Values: If a coach is focused on winning at all costs, they may encourage your child to cheat or bend the rules in order to get ahead. This can have a lasting impact on your child’s character and may even lead to them getting into trouble later in life.

Simply Be Dangerous: If a coach is overly aggressive or violent, they may risk physical harm to your child. In extreme cases, bad coaches have even been known for sexual abuse.

What To Do As A Parent

If you suspect your child’s coach is not acting in their best interests, it’s important to take action. Talk to your child about their experiences, and if you have any concerns, be sure to speak to the coach or the organization they coach for. Remember, your child’s safety and well-being should always be your top priority.


When choosing a youth sports team or activity, it is important to research ahead of time to find the best option available for your child’s needs. Keeping an eye out for these warning signs of a bad youth coach can help you make sure that your child gets the best possible experience from playing on their team or participating in activities with them.