Should Alcohol Be Served at Sporting Events?

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Alcohol is a big part of American culture, and it’s not just in bars. Alcohol is served in nearly every other place you can find it. A good chunk of Americans go to watch their favorite sports team play, and they also go to watch their favorite band play. Both of these activities are often associated with drinking.

Many people also tend to choose their favorite soccer team or hockey team. They go to these sporting events to relax and have fun with their friends. However, some people think it’s not good to have alcohol at these sporting events. After all, it could lead to antisocial behavior and even accidents if people drink and drive.

Does that mean that you can’t have alcohol at sporting events? Look at the pros and cons of serving alcohol at sporting events.

What Is Alcohol & Why It’s Served at Sporting Events?

Alcohol is a beverage that contains ethanol (a chemical compound found in grains like corn and potatoes). The point of making alcohol is to increase the ethanol content of the grain so that it can be fermented and turned into a beverage like beer, wine, and liquor.

The fermentation of the grain and turning it into beer, wine, and liquor is known as “distilling.” The fermentation of the grain is only one part of making alcoholic beverages.

After being fermented, the alcohol must be distilled to remove any impurities in the drink. Distillation involves heating the ethanol until the solids in the drink turn into water and other gases. The result is pure ethanol that can be bottled for sale.

Pros of Serving Alcohol at Sporting Events

  • Supporters of the teams can drink their favorite beverage while watching the games.
  • Fans can also enjoy their favorite snacks while they watch the game.
  • Supporters can also have a good time cheering on their favorite team.
  • Supporters can have a good time cheering on their favorite team while being social.
  • Supporters can also be more comfortable during a game because there’s less noise.
  • There’s less risk of fans getting into fights at sporting events because alcohol is generally a much smaller part of the culture.
  • Fans may be more respectful of other people’s property because alcohol is a smaller part of the culture.
  • There may be fewer fights at sporting events if alcohol is allowed.

Cons of Serving Alcohol at Sporting Events

  • Supporters of the team may become more aggressive while drinking alcohol.
  • Fans may become more aggressive with each other.
  • Fans may become more aggressive with the police officers on the scene.
  • Alcohol consumption increases the risk of accidents during sporting events.
  • Alcohol consumption can lead to unwanted sexual behavior.
  • People are less aware of their surroundings when they are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Fans may become less respectful of the property of others while they are drinking alcohol.


As you can see, there are both pros and cons to allowing alcohol at sporting events. It’s up to the sporting event organizers to decide how much risk they want to take and how much they value their spectator’s safety.

So, should alcohol be served at sporting events? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to this topic. Personally, I believe it should be served but cut off halfway through the event. I believe this is a win-win for fans and stadium and arena personnel.