Red Sox Should Make a Last-Minute Push For Carlos Correa

Red Sox Correa

Correa’s Deal With The Mets Still In Limbo

In what has been a mostly disappointing off-season up to this point, the Red Sox could turn things around with one signing: Carlos Correa. The former Astros and Twins shortstop’s deal with the Mets has been put on hold due to medical concerns, and this presents an opportunity for the Red Sox to swoop in and make a serious run at signing him.

Let’s take a closer look at why this would make sense.

A Much-Needed Lineup Boost

Since the departure of Xander Bogaerts, the Red Sox have been looking for a way to make up for his presence in the lineup. One potential solution could be Carlos Correa. Not only would he provide a much-needed offensive boost for the Sox, but he could also provide the club with his signature swagger, which very few players possess. 

Building A Foundation

With two superstar building blocks at the core of their roster, Boston would have every opportunity to remain competitive in the coming years.

By pairing Correa and Devers together for long-term success, the Red Sox could combine established players with their young up-and-coming talents to get back into meaningful playoff baseball in October. 

Don’t Need To Give Up Any Prospects

The acquisition of the starting shortstop would only cost money. No prospects would have to be given up in a trade, making this an ideal move for Chaim Bloom. This would also allow the Sox to make a move for a cost-controlled pitcher with the prospects they would have used for a shortstop.

Adding someone like Pablo Lopez or even Corbin Burns (If you want to shoot higher) would completely flip this off-season upside down.

Get Fans Interested In The Team Again

At the moment, the Sox will likely struggle to finish much above .500 and occupy a spot near the bottom of the AL East. However, the addition of the talented shortstop could turn things around quickly.

Fans would have something to be excited about again heading into Opening Day. It’s been hard to get truly invested in this roster the past couple of seasons, specifically after the Betts trade.

Relationship With Alex Cora

Alex Cora and Carlos Correa have a strong friendship that dates back to the days they shared in Houston. Both men are from Puerto Rico, making his transition much smoother if the Red Sox were to sign him in free agency.

It’s well known that relationships built on trust and familiarity can foster greater success. When you’re playing in a city like Boston, it’s good to feel as comfortable as possible.

Playoff/Pressure Proven

The Sox already have one proven playoff performer in Rafael Devers; adding Correa would be icing on the cake. It would give them an established star who has experience performing in intense playoff atmospheres.

He holds a career .849 OPS during postseason play, having been part of those deep October runs with the Astros. With him and Devers on board, the club would be well prepared for pressure-packed situations.

Final Thoughts

It remains to be seen whether the Red Sox will make a move on Correa, but it certainly makes sense from a baseball perspective. Bringing him onto their roster would give them another proven foundation piece to help lead them back into contention next season.

There are plenty of positives for Boston should they decide to pursue this deal—and if they do, it could turn what was shaping up to be an otherwise forgettable off-season into one worth remembering.

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