Red Sox Reliever Calls Out Orioles Fans For Spitting, Throwing Beer At Players

Orioles fans

Richard Bleier Calls Out O’s Fans

Boston Red Sox reliever Richard Bleier lashed out at his former fan base on Wednesday after revealing that some fans threw beer at players in the visiting bullpen on Tuesday and even spat on a staff member.

On Wednesday, the Red Sox lost 6-2 to the Orioles to end a three-game series at Camden Yards. Still, the problem started the night before when Bleier claimed two separate incidents involving fans acting in a “completely inappropriate” manner.

“I played here, and that’s not the fan base I remember. It was something I’ve never seen before,” Bleier, who played for the Orioles from 2017 to 2020, told the Boston Globe.

“Hopefully, they’re doing things that prevent this from happening again. It’s not acceptable.

No Place For This at a Baseball Game

According to Bleier, one fan threw a beer, and another spat on a staff member. He claimed that both fled, adding that security had little control over the jeers.

“I’ve been in some rough areas in terms of bullpens where we’re right in the middle of it, and I’ve never had that happen before.” According to the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles ejected two fans for breaking the team’s fan conduct policy.

Bleier would also tell the Baltimore Sun that a bullpen catcher had been spat on and that beer had been thrown at him around the sixth or seventh inning.

“It would be one thing if it were an isolated incident,” he said. “But to happen twice in one game by two different groups of people or whatever is not what I would expect from here, especially from my time here.”