Red Sox Ownership Make Necessary Move With Devers Extension


Red Sox Sign Rafael Devers

This week, it was reported the Boston Red Sox agreed to an 11-year contract extension with third baseman Rafael Devers. The deal is reportedly worth $331 million and will keep the young slugger with the team through 2034.

The extension is a massive win for Red Sox Nation after enduring the heartbreak of losing two franchise icons in, Mookie Betts & Xander Bogaerts. With that said, let’s take a look at what this means for the franchise today and going forward.

The Impact Devers

Rafael Devers’ presence on the field can be felt from top to bottom in terms of wins and losses. He consistently puts up big offensive numbers and has made several key defensive strides over the past few seasons at third base.

With this long-term commitment to Devers in place, it allows the organization to focus on building around him rather than worrying about how long he will stay with them. Most importantly, it provides stability and a solid foundation to continue building on with Boston’s next wave of talent.

A Move That Needed To Be Made

Signing Devers to an extension was a much-needed decision by the Red Sox in the wake of losing perennial All-Star players such as Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts. Those two were integral parts of Boston’s success in 2018 when they won the World Series and became fan favorites.

The way it was going, there would have been a mutiny among fans had they let all three players leave. If the ownership group wanted fans to renew season tickets, this was a deal that needed to be done this month.

The Precedent 

This extension is notable not only because of its size but also because of its timing. In recent years, other homegrown stars have left Boston via trade or free agency. Hopefully, this new contract for Devers is a sign that ownership is ready to start making significant investments in their young talent to keep them in Boston long-term.

In my opinion, every team should be modeling themselves after the Atlanta Braves, who get to the negotiating table early with their young player, saving them time and money in the future.

The Red Sox plan moving forward should be to identify the core, lock them up to long-term deals before they become too expensive, and supplement that homegrown talent through free agency and trades.

The Future 

If this trend continues, it could be a huge benefit for the Red Sox organization moving forward. Allowing them to build continuity within their roster and give them the stability they haven’t had in past seasons when they lost key players due to financial restrictions and poor negotiating tactics.

It also shows faith in their scouting department and player development system that they are willing to invest long-term money into homegrown players. Players such as Triston Casas, Marcelo Mayer, and Brayan Bello could be next in line to be future stars in Boston.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Red Sox 11-year contract extension of Rafael Devers gives them a foundation for future success, knowing they have a cornerstone player in place.

With one of baseball’s most talented players under contract through his prime years, Boston can now focus on building around him rather than worrying about his impending free agency. This is good for 2023 and beyond.

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