Red Sox Catching Depth Being Tested, Cora Reveals Emergency Backstop

Reese McGuire

Reese McGuire Escapes Injury

After taking a foul tip directly off the top of his right hand late in Boston’s 5-4 loss to the Brewers on Saturday, catcher Reese McGuire narrowly escaped injury.

When X-rays were done on his hand after the game, it was discovered that he had no broken bones, and the results came back negative. The crazy thing is Boston had no catchers available after McGuire pinch-hit for fellow backstop Connor Wong in the seventh, which required him to stay in the game and tough out the pain (Something catchers are used to doing).

McGuire said after Saturday’s loss:

“As a catcher, you’re kind of used to getting baseballs all over,” he said. “I got some on the forearm the other night. It’s one of those things you shake off at first, but that one kind of stung. When I looked down, it was starting to swell up a little bit. Life of a catcher right there.”

“But I just got some X-rays, and all is negative. That’s really good news. I had a smile on my face because it was kind of throbbing. I’m going to go get ice right after this and be ready for tomorrow.”

Red Sox Catching Situation

There are only two catchers on Boston’s 40-man roster: Wong and McGuire, who have alternated starting roles thus far this season. At Triple-A Worcester, the Sox have Jorge Alfaro, Caleb Hamilton, and Ronaldo Hernández, who would need to free up a 40-man spot with another move if they needed to add any of them to their active roster.

Triston Casas…Catcher?

When questioned about Boston’s backup catcher on Sunday morning, Cora suggested the most likely candidate.

“Probably (first baseman) Triston Casas,” Cora told reporters, per MassLive. “I asked Casas this morning, ‘Have you (caught) before?’ And he said yes. I’m like, ‘Ok, cool.’ And he doesn’t have problems with the signs because of the nail polish. He was talking about PitchCom, and I said, ‘No, we’ve got your fingers.’ We’re good with that.”

Cora also made light of the fact that Casas, who is 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 252 pounds, would require the Red Sox to order larger catching gear. However, if nothing catastrophic happens, Boston fans luckily won’t have to see that anytime soon…at least in meaningful baseball games.