My Top 5 Favorite Short-Tenured Red Sox Players


My Top 5 Favorite Short-Tenured Red Sox Players

As a die-hard Red Sox fan since 2003, I have witnessed many memorable players come and go over the past two decades. Some of my all-time favorite Red Sox players weren’t necessarily those who had long tenures with the team. But rather ones that came to Boston for just a short amount of time and left an unforgettable impression.

These are five of my favorite Red Sox players who only spent a short amount of time with the team.

5. Cody Ross

In 2012, Cody Ross was one of the few memorable players as the team struggled with injuries, underperformance, and poor management by Bobby Valentine. 

Ross remained one of the few constants throughout that season as he hit 22 home runs in only 438 plate appearances and drove in 81 RBIs. He also had a few incredible moments. For some reason, that walk-off home run against the White Sox always seems to stick out in my mind.

4. Jonny Gomes

Something about his gritty style of play and intense mindset made him an immediate source of inspiration for both the team and the city. He was a reliable veteran presence and became a leader on and off the field. (At a time when they needed that the most).

This veteran leadership helped guide the Red Sox to victory over St. Louis in one of Boston’s most iconic moments: clinching their 8th World Series title at Fenway Park in 2013.

3. Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber’s time with the Boston Red Sox in 2021 was nothing short of remarkable. When they acquired him at the trade deadline, they got an instant spark that propelled them only two wins away from the World Series. His ability to deliver big hits in key situations was impressive and was popular with both teammates and fans.

He had a confident presence about him and seemed to be a relatable guy. It’s a shame that the Red Sox let him go during free agency, as they could have used his presence in their lineup and clubhouse last season.

2. Victor Martinez

After being acquired from Cleveland at the 2009 trade deadline for a package that included Justin Masterson, Martinez made an immediate impact with his bat. He provided stability to the lineup and consistently worked great at-bats in the heart of the lineup. 

Martinez continued to hit well throughout his time in Boston and proved to be a more than capable leader in the clubhouse. At the time, he seemed to fit the Red Sox well, and I was disappointed to see him leave for Detroit after the 2010 season. They also allocated that money to Carl Crawford that off-season. (oof)

1. Adrian Beltre

It didn’t take long for Red Sox fans to fall in love with Adrian Beltre after he signed a one-year, 10 million dollar deal during the 2010 off-season. His passionate energy, dynamic performance at third base, and dependable offensive contributions made Beltre an exciting part of the team. It’s nearly impossible to forget games where he robbed batters of what looked like sure hits or how he’d go to one knee after hitting a ball over the monster.

His impressive stats that season – batting .321 with 28 home runs and 102 RBIs – proved that he was worthy of a long-term contract during the 2011 off-season. He would eventually sign with the Texas Rangers, and the Red Sox diverted their attention to slugger Adrian Gonzalez.


What makes a player memorable isn’t always their tenure with the team or even their statistics. Sometimes it’s about how they made you feel as a fan and the memories they leave you.

For me, these five players only played for the Red Sox for a short time but left a lasting impact. They may not have gone down in history as some of the greatest to don their uniform, but they certainly made the most of their time in Boston.

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