MLB Predictions For 2022


It’s honestly been a long time since I’ve felt this excited for the start of a baseball season. Many expected there wouldn’t be any season due to the MLB lockout, but fortunately, they agreed that we get a complete 162. Hooray!

We can look forward to exciting storylines, such as if Shohei Ohtani can repeat his 2021 MVP performance? Can the Astros get back to the World Series without Carlos Correa? Who will win a bunched-up AL East? What new superstar will have a breakout season? And countless others.

Below, I made predictions for what I think will happen during the 2022 season. Let me know some of your picks in the comments!

2022 Season Award Predictions:

American League MVP: Kyle Tucker

National League MVP: Juan Soto

American League Cy Young: Lucas Giolito

National League Cy Young: Walker Buehler

National League Manager of the Year: Bob Melvin

American League Manager of the Year: A.J. Hinch

National League Rookie of the Year: Seiya Suzuki

American League Rookie of the Year: Bobby Witt, Jr


  • Though we believe the Nationals will not contend in 2022, I think we see Juan Soto put up numbers that will make it hard for voters not to cast their ballots for Soto.
  • Lucas Giolito is someone I’ve liked for a while, and I believe he takes his game to another level in 2022.
  • After getting traded from Oakland to San Diego, Bob Melvin will lead the Padres to the playoffs in a crowded NL West.
  • I believe in Seiya Suzuki and think he will thrive on the south side of Chicago, hitting 30+ home runs capturing ROY honors.
  • Bobby Witt is getting Trout comparisons, and it’s easy to see why.
  • Walker Buehler has everything he needs in LA to bring home the first Cy Young of his career while leading the Dodgers into the playoffs.
  • This is the year we see the Tigers start to finally win some games with the addition of Javier Baez, a young stable of arms, and plenty of highly regarded talents primed for call-ups.

Predicting the Divisions

American League East:

1. Boston Red Sox: 95-67

2. Tampa Bay Rays: 94-68

3. Toronto Blue Jays: 92-70

4. New York Yankees: 87-75

5. Baltimore Orioles 47-115

American League Central:

1. Chicago White Sox: 100-62

2. Detroit Tigers: 89-73

3. Minnesota Twins: 85-77

4. Cleveland Guardians: 79-83

5. Kansas City Royals: 74-88

American League West:

1. Houston Astros 93-69

2. Seattle Mariners 90-72 

3. Los Angeles Angeles 85-77

4. Texas Rangers  81-81

5. Oakland A’s 61-101

National League East:

1. Philadelphia Phillies 92-70

2. New York Mets 90-72

3. Atlanta Braves 88-74

4. Miami Marlins 71-91

5. Washington Nationals 66-96

National League Central:

1. Milwaukee Brewers 94-68

2. St. Louis Cardinals 91-71 

3. Chicago Cubs 83-79

4. Pittsburgh Pirates 74-88

5. Cincinnati Reds 57-105

National League West:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers 101-61

2. San Diego Padres 94-68

3. San Francisco Giants 89-73

4. Colorado Rockies 62-100

5. Arizona Diamondbacks 58-104


AL Championship Series: Red Sox over White Sox

NL Championship Series: Brewers over Dodgers

World Series: Red Sox over Brewers


  • The AL East will be bunched up for most of the season, but I think Alex Cora and the Red Sox will find a way to squeak past Tampa Bay and lead that momentum straight through the postseason.
  • With four good to great teams in the AL East, I believe we see the Orioles lose as many as 120 games. While they have great talent that could make debuts this season, it won’t lead to many wins in their favor.
  • I don’t think people realize how important Trevor Semien was to the Blue Jays last year.
  • We see the Astros take a step back without Carlos Correa but have enough pitching to win the AL West.
  • Once again see the Brewers & Cardinals atop the NL Central with the Brewer pitching getting the edge.
  • I could see the Giants taking a step back after losing Buster Posey and playing out of their mind for most of last season. While they take a step back, they will snag a playoff spot.
  • The Rangers added Superstars Trevor Semien and Corey Seager up the middle during the offseason, but don’t see them having enough pitching to be a top team. I could see them hovering around .500 for most of the season.
  • Cincinnati will trade whatever pieces they have left by the all-star break and continue to cry poor.
  • Why did the Rockies sign Kris Bryant?
  • Seattle will finally make the postseason after a two-decade-long drought.
  • White Sox will be scary but fall short in the playoffs
  • Angels will be better, especially with Trout and Rendon returning from injury. Still, their pitching isn’t good enough.
  • NL East will come down to the season’s last week, with the Phillies finally making their first playoff appearance since 2011.
  • Carlos Correa will help, but I don’t see the Twins going much over 85 wins.