Matt Patricia’s Departure Is What’s Best For Both Sides

matt patricia

Matt Patricia Accepts Role With Eagles

Matt Patricia, the former offensive play-caller for the New England Patriots, is officially leaving the team.

The longtime Patriots assistant is moving on to the Philadelphia Eagles as a senior defensive assistant, according to ESPN’s Tim McManus and confirmed by Adam Schefter on Thursday.

Best Thing For Both Sides

Given Patricia’s experience coaching the defensive side of the ball and all these years under coach Bill Belichick, it can definitely be a smart move by the Eagles. Sure, Patricia received a lot of criticism for the 2022 campaign in New England, but he was also thrust into the fire as a rookie offensive coordinator…When he’s a defensive coach. Clearly, it was a train wreck ready to happen putting someone in that situation.

Many believe that if Patricia had wanted it, the Patriots would have supposedly kept him on in some capacity as an advisor. However, given how events played out last season, it probably made sense for Patricia to leave and look for a new beginning elsewhere.

Win-Win For Both Sides

Ultimately, Patricia joining a team like the Eagles that is doing well should be seen as a huge win for him. While Bill O’Brien running the offense for the Patriots in 2023 is what’s best for the Patriots. So, in the end, it’s a win-win for both sides as they look to turn the page on last season.