John Henry Reportedly Looking To Sell Liverpool F.C.

John Henry

A Sale Of Liverpool Could Mean 1000% Increase For FSG

According to Dan Ornstein of The Athletic, John Henry and Fenway Sports Group are looking to sell Liverpool FC in the coming months. Henry purchased the club in 2010 for $477 million, which is now valued at around $4.5 billion according to Forbes. This would represent close to a 1000% increase in value for the club over a decade.

If a sale goes through, it would be one of the biggest transactions in sports history. The reasons for the potential sale are unclear, but it could be motivated by a desire to cash in on the team’s recent success and sky-high value. Also, the opportunity to expand FSG’s portfolio into other sports leagues.

Speculation On Why Henry Could Be Selling Liverpool FC

The thought is John Henry, and Fenway Sports Group could sell Liverpool FC to open up cash for a potential bid to buy the Washington Commanders or an expansion NBA franchise in Las Vegas. While no formal discussions have taken place, the group is said to be monitoring the possibility of adding a new team in Sin City. 

With the purchase of Liverpool in 2010 and the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2021, FSG has made it clear that they are committed to building a global sports empire. Only time will tell if John Henry and company will make a move for an NBA or NFL franchise, but it’s certainly an option on the table. 

What Does This Mean For The Red Sox?

So what would a sale of Liverpool FC mean for the Boston Red Sox? For starters, it would likely mean a significant increase in cash flow for Henry and his investors. Liverpool FC is valued at around $5 billion, so even a partial sale could generate a hefty return for Fenway Sports Group.

Additionally, it would free up some much-needed capital for the Red Sox, who are looking to upgrade a team that finished in last place in 2022. Their captain and star shortstop Xander Bogaerts opted out of his 6-year, 120-million-dollar deal this morning, making him a free agent. While superstar third baseman Rafael Devers could command 300+ million next winter.

Ultimately, Henry is an intelligent businessman; anytime you can get a chance to sell for a 1000% increase in your investment, it’s probably time to cash out. Does this mean that Fenway Sports Group plans to invest some of that money to keep its stars in Boston? That remains to be seen. But selling Liverpool gives the group cash flow and options to do as they please. This includes improving the teams already in their portfolio and potential opportunities to expand their sports empire.

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