Is Nascar Considered a Dying Sport?

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Is Nascar A Dying Sport?

NASCAR is one of the world’s most popular forms of auto racing. It’s also one of the most controversial. The popularity is undeniable, but the sport’s future is far from certain.

Over the past several years, many critics have claimed that NASCAR is a dying sport. These claims were based on declining television ratings, the sharp decline in car count, and the move towards alternative forms of auto racing.

Is it time for NASCAR to retire? Let’s look at this question and see if we can determine if NASCAR is a dying sport.

What is NASCAR?

NASCAR is a type of automobile racing that is popular in the U.S. The name comes from the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, a governing body that was first formed in 1948. NASCAR is a series of races on a closed, paved oval track. The races are only limited to stock cars, which are modified for racing but retain a road-worthy body.

The races are held at track locations all across the country. The Daytona 500 is the season-opening race, and the final race in the season is the championship event at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

NASCAR races are divided into two parts. The first part is the qualifying races, determining which drivers are allowed to start in the main race. Then the primary race starts, and every car takes turns going around the track.

The race is scored based on a few different factors:

1. Best finishing position.

2. Who has the best finish among the drivers in the top 32.

3. Number of points awarded for finishing each position.

4. Number of laps completed and the remaining laps.

*These last two factors are used to calculate the winner of the race*

TV Ratings

NASCAR has been called a “dying sport” because its TV ratings have steadily declined since the early 2000s. It was the most-watched sport on TV in 2016, but it was the only one that saw a drop in ratings compared to 2015. TV ratings have declined since the early 2000s for other reasons, but this decline certainly stands out as a particularly sharp one.

In terms of this decline, the sheer number of sports channels may have something to do with it. When there were fewer choices for people to watch TV, it was easier for the networks to give them more space on their schedules. They may have been more willing to air ads for NASCAR when fewer other options were on their schedules.

It’s also possible that NASCAR’s reputation as a “dying” sport may have affected its ratings. If people felt bad for tuning in when the league was losing viewers, they may have felt even worse about staying up to catch a race that was losing viewers even further.

Car Count

Another indicator that NASCAR is a dying sport may be the dramatic decline in the number of cars that run at each race. In the early 2000s, more than 500 cars were in the field at each event.

Today, that number has fallen to fewer than 400 cars. There are certainly other reasons why the car count might be declining, but this is an obvious indicator that it is truly a dying sport.

While it’s possible that some of these cars are competing in other forms of auto racing, it’s also possible that NASCAR is simply being realistic about the number of vehicles that can run at each event.

NASCAR’s schedules are grueling, and the number of drivers who can compete at each event may be shrinking. The fact that the number of cars has fallen so dramatically may indicate that NASCAR is having trouble attracting the top drivers.

De-Facto Series

Another indicator that NASCAR is a dying sport may be the sharp decline in the number of competing drivers in the top-level series. NASCAR’s top-tier series, known as the Monster Energy Cup Series, once had 200 drivers.

Today, that number has fallen to 160 drivers. This number may be declining because the sport is merely realistic about the number of drivers who can compete at the highest level. As with the number of cars, NASCAR’s number of top-tier drivers may simply be declining due to the increasing number of drivers in the sport.

If NASCAR is a dying sport, it may be because the people who compete in top-level series are becoming more competitive in other sports. For example, the drivers are once seen competing in different series throughout the season.

With each new season, there’s a greater likelihood that the driver will be more successful in that series than in NASCAR. This could make a driver less likely to commit to a long-term professional racing career.


Nascar was once one of the most popular sports in the United States, but its popularity has declined sharply in recent years. Several reasons for this decline include Nascar’s failure to attract new fans and live race attendance has declined.

If Nascar is to revive its fortunes, it needs to do more to attract new fans and invest more in its live event experience so that fans who attend races have a better experience and are more likely to come back again in the future.