How To Wrap Your Hands For MMA: Guide & Example Video

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How Do I Wrap My Hands For MMA Fights?

Start wrapping the wrist area tightly if you’re using boxing wraps. Then, continue wrapping up the hand towards the knuckles. Make sure to wrap each finger individually, and don’t forget to wrap the thumb! Once you’ve reached the knuckles, finish the wrap by wrapping around the entire hand a few times.

If you’re using tape, start by tearing off a strip long enough to reach from the base of your palm all the way around your hand and up to your wrist. Then, wrap the strip around your hand in a figure-eight pattern, and go over each knuckle at least once. Finish off the wrap by taping the end of the strip to the base of your palm.

If you’re not using any wraps or tape, rub some Vaseline or other hand cream into your palms and fingers. This will help to protect your skin from friction and prevent cuts and scrapes.

Why Do Fighters Wrap Their Hands In MMA?

Helps Protect Your Hands From Injury: When you punch someone, your knuckles take a lot of impact. If you don’t have your hands wrapped, this impact can lead to severe injuries, such as broken bones or dislocated joints.

Stabilize The Wrist and Support The Thumb: This is important because when you make a fist, your fingers should be pointing in the same direction. If your wrist isn’t adequately supported, your thumb could point in the wrong direction, making your punches less effective.

Increase The Amount of Surface Area Your Fists Make Contact With: This may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a big difference in the damage you can do to your opponent. When you have more surface area on your fists, you can transfer more force into your punches, which means they’ll be more likely to knock your opponent out.

Where Can I Buy The Tape?

You can purchase it at most sporting goods stores or online at sites like Handwraps are an important part of protecting your hands while training or competing in MMA, so make sure to get a good pair that fits well and provides the right level of support.