How To Throw A Javelin: Easy Guide

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Throwing a javelin is an art form. It may seem easy to pick it up and hurl it as far as possible, but there is more to it. To successfully throw one, you must learn the proper techniques and practice them often. This post will discuss the basics of throwing a javelin and provide helpful tips for improving your technique. 

What Is Javelin?

The sport of javelin is a field event in which athletes throw a spear-like implement as far as possible. The sport has been part of the Olympic Games since its inception, making it one of the oldest running sports in history.

Athletes typically take a running start before throwing, using momentum to help carry it further. The length and weight of the javelin vary depending on age and gender categories – for example, men’s javelins are usually 2.6-2.7m long and weigh 800g, while women’s are 2.4-2.5m long and weigh 600g.

The modern-day version is made of metal and has a pointed tip, but in ancient times they were made of wood or stone and often had blunt ends. The javelin was initially used as a weapon in warfare, but it later became popular as a sport.

Types Of Javelin Throws

Standing Throw: Often is considered the more technical of the two throws, as it requires great precision and accuracy. This type of throw also generates more power, as the athlete can use their entire body weight to generate momentum. However, this throw can be more challenging to execute because the athlete must remain stationary.

Running Throw: Often seen as the more athletic of the two throws, it requires a great deal of speed and agility. This type of throw also allows for more distance to be covered, as the athlete can gain momentum from their run. However, because the athlete must start their run before they release the javelin, this type of throw can be more challenging to control.

How To Throw A Javelin

1. Start by holding the javelin with your dominant hand near the end of the shaft.

2. Place your other hand about halfway down the shaft for balance.

3. Bring the javelin up and back behind your head. This is called the cocking phase. Make sure to keep your elbow close to your ear during this phase.

4. As you bring the javelin forward, transfer your weight from your back to your front foot. At the same time, snap your wrists forward to release.

5. Follow through with your throw by moving your arms and body forward. This will help to increase the distance of your throw.

How To Throw A Javelin Further

When gripping the javelin, it is important to hold it securely but not too tightly. You should grip near the center of gravity with your thumb pointing down the shaft, giving you more control and helping you keep it stable as you throw.

When throwing, your arm should be extended fully, and your body should face the target. As you swing your arm back, rotate your hips and shoulders so that your whole body is involved in the throw. Use your legs and core to generate power, not just your arm.

Follow through with your throw by keeping your arm extended and releasing at the right time. The ideal time to release is when your arm is parallel to the ground. If you release it too early, it will not have enough momentum to reach its full potential. If you release it too late, you will lose power and accuracy.

Different Skills Needed To Be Successful At Javelin Throwing

Physical Skills:

Strength: Javelin throwing is an explosive activity requiring much upper-body strength. The stronger you are, the more force you can generate when you throw the javelin.

Power: Power is a combination of strength and speed. You need to generate much power to throw it a long distance in the sport.

Speed: Javelin throwing is all about generating speed. The faster you can run and the quicker you can release the javelin, the further it will go.

Coordination: Good coordination is vital in all sports, but it’s essential in javelin throwing. You must coordinate your arm and body to generate maximum power and accuracy.

Body control: To throw effectively, you need good body control. This means being able to control your movements and keep your balance while you’re in motion.

Mental Skills:

Focus: Javelin throwing is a technical sport requiring much focus and concentration. You need to be able to focus on your technique and execute it flawlessly.

Calm Under Pressure: There’s always a lot of pressure to perform in competition. To be successful, you need to be able to stay calm and composed under pressure.


Javelin throwing is a complex sport that takes practice, technique, and strength to perfect. However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, javelin throwing can be a very rewarding experience. Start by finding a coach or training group to help you learn the basics of the sport, and then work on improving your technique.