How To Properly Hold A Field Hockey Stick

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Whether you are a seasoned field hockey player or just getting started, it is important to understand the basics of properly holding a stick. A well-balanced and secure grip can help you improve your performance on the field.

Let’s take a look at how to hold a field hockey stick properly.

How To Hold A Field Hockey Stick

Step 1: Gripping The Stick 

The first step in learning to hold a field hockey stick correctly is understanding where your hands should be placed on the handle. Your dominant hand should be placed at the top of the handle with your index finger wrapped around the backside of it. This will give you maximum power and control over your shots and passes.

Your other hand should be placed two-thirds of the way down from your dominant hand. Make sure that both hands firmly grip the handle without squeezing too hard or too loosely; this will help ensure you have complete control over your movements. 

Step 2: Positioning Your Hands 

Once you have established where your hands should be on the handle, it’s time to learn how they should be positioned about each other and the stick itself. When looking at your stick from above, both hands should form an “X” shape; this will help ensure that you maintain a proper grip and give you enough room for movement when making shots or passes.

Your elbows should also remain close together when holding onto the stick; this will help create stability when striking or passing so that you can accurately direct where you want the ball to go. 

Step 3: Checking For Comfort 

When learning to hold a field hockey stick correctly, the last thing to do is check that it feels comfortable in your hands. You don’t want it to feel too bulky or heavy because this can hinder playing performance.

You also don’t want it to feel too light because this can lead to inaccurate strikes and passes due to a lack of proper control over movements. Once you find a good balance between weight and comfort, you know you have found a suitable field hockey stick for yourself.


With just some minor adjustments to hand placement and grip pressure, small wrist motions, and quick changes in direction originating from wrists or arms, any player can learn how to effectively hold a field hockey stick for optimum performance out on the field.

With practice, these fundamentals can help elevate any player’s game, no matter their skill level.