How To Find A Sponsor For Youth Sports Leagues

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How To Find A Sponsor For Youth Sports Leagues

Finding a sponsor for youth sports leagues can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a bit of creativity, the right resources, and a plan of action. With these three elements in hand, you can find sponsors that will help your league succeed and provide young athletes with valuable opportunities. 

Step 1: Define Your Sponsorship Needs

The first step in finding sponsors is to define your sponsorship needs. What type of support do you need from potential sponsors? Financial support? In-kind donations? Marketing exposure? Once you have a clear idea of the type of support you need, you can begin to identify potential sponsors who may be able to provide that support.

Step 2: Creating Your Pitch 

Before you start looking for sponsors, create a brief elevator pitch that outlines the goals of your league and what kind of impact it has on the local community.

This should include information about the ages of your athletes, any awards or accomplishments you’ve achieved as an organization, and how sponsors can benefit from supporting your league. Make sure to keep it short and sweet; you want to grab their attention quickly.

Step 3: Finding Potential Sponsors 

Once you have your pitch ready to go, start looking for potential sponsors in the local area. Brainstorm businesses that may want to support your cause – think about businesses that provide services related to sports (ex., equipment stores), companies that appeal to families with children (ex., restaurants), or even larger corporations in the area (ex., banks).

You also want to consider non-profits or government organizations dedicated to promoting youth activities. Once you’ve created a list of possible sponsors, reach out with your pitch.

Note that some organizations may require additional paperwork before becoming involved; make sure you have all necessary documents ready so they can move forward quickly if they decide to sponsor your league. 

Step 4: Engaging With Your Sponsors 

Once you’ve secured a sponsor or two, make sure you show them appreciation by engaging with them regularly. Take time every month (or more often if needed) to check in with them and thank them for their support.

Give them updates on how their contributions have impacted the league, invite them out for games or practices if possible, and provide promotional materials like banners or flyers featuring their logo at events whenever possible. Engagement is key in keeping existing sponsors happy—and finding new ones.

Step 5: Follow Up with Potential Sponsors

Once you have made initial contact with a potential sponsor, make sure to follow up in a timely manner. Thank them for their time, and provide additional information about your youth sports league or team if they have requested it.

Following up shows that you are serious about securing sponsorship support, and it may help you turn a potential sponsor into a committed supporter of your youth sports league or team.

Tip: Be Creative In Approaching Potential Sponsors

There are many ways to approach potential sponsors, so be creative in your approaches. In addition to traditional methods like sponsorship proposals and face-to-face meetings, you can reach out to potential sponsors through social media, email, and even personal visits.

Benefits For A Business

Exposure Your Business Will Receive: When you sponsor a youth sports league, your business name and logo will be prominently displayed on team jerseys, scoreboards, and other promotional materials. This can help increase brand awareness and name recognition for your business.

Build Goodwill In The Community: When people see that your business supports youth athletics, they may be more likely to patronize your business in the future. Furthermore, by investing in the future generation of athletes, you may also find that you have created loyal customers for life!

Build Relationships: When you work together to support youth athletics, you can create a strong network of like-minded businesses that can help support each other in the future.

Benefits Of Finding A Youth Sports League Sponsor

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the financial support that sponsors can provide. This can help offset the costs of running a league or team, making it more affordable for families to participate. They can also provide access to resources that might otherwise be unavailable, such as training facilities or equipment.

Sponsors can also help raise the profile of a youth sports league or team, which can lead to increased interest and participation. This can, in turn, lead to more competitive teams and better opportunities for young athletes to develop their skills.

Do You Need A Sponsor?

No, you don’t need to find a sponsor to start a youth league. However, as we said above, sponsors can help offset the costs associated with running a league.


Securing sponsorship for youth sports leagues is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible, either. By creating a strong elevator pitch, finding potential sponsors in your local area, and engaging with those who do choose to support your cause regularly, you can ensure success now and in the future.

You’ll also be allowing young athletes access to valuable resources while growing stronger relationships between youth sports leagues and local businesses.