How Much Does A Curling Stone Weigh?


How Much Does A Curling Stone Weigh?

A curling stone typically weighs between 38 and 44 pounds (17.2 and 19.9 kg).

Why The Weight Is So Important

As anyone who has ever played curling knows, the weight of the stone is a crucial factor in the sport. The heavier the stone, the more momentum it has and the harder it is to stop.

As a result, stones of different weights can significantly impact a match’s outcome. For example, lighter stones are easier to control and are often used when a team is trying to score points. On the other hand, heavier stones are more likely to plow through opposing stones and can be used to disrupt an opponent’s strategy. 

The weight of the stone also affects how it behaves on different types of ice. So, when choosing a stone, curlers must consider the surface they will be playing on and their style. With so much riding on this one simple decision, it’s no wonder curlers take their time to find the suitable stone.

How Is A Curling Stone Made?

The game of curling has been around for centuries, and the equipment used has changed very little over that time. A curling stone is a large, round boulder carefully sculpted and polished to slide smoothly across the ice. As we’ve said, the stones weigh between 38 and 44 pounds and are made from granite found only in a few places in the world, including Scotland, Sweden, and Wales.

The manufacturing process is very labor-intensive, and it can take several months to make a single stone. First, the raw granite is extracted from the quarry and then transported to the factory. There, it is cut into large blocks roughly the size and shape of the finished stones.

These blocks are then put through a series of grinding and polishing steps until they are smooth and glossy. Then each stone is engraved with a unique logo or design before being shipped off to be used in a game of curling.