How Much Do NBA Floor Cleaners Make?

NBA Floor Cleaners


NBA floor cleaners are responsible for keeping the playing surface clean and free of debris before and during games. They typically work in teams of two and must be able to move quickly and efficiently around the court. Floor cleaners usually make between $15 and $25 per hour, depending on their experience and the size of the arena they work in.

Some floor cleaners may also receive health insurance and paid time off benefits. Read on to see some of their other responsibilities, high standards, and how much they make per year.

What Are NBA Floor Cleaners?

When it comes to keeping a basketball court clean, few people are more important than the NBA floor cleaners. These individuals are responsible for ensuring that the playing surface is free of debris and dirt and meets the league’s strict standards for safety and cleanliness.

They typically work in teams of two or three, using various tools and equipment to get the job done. In most cases, they will start by sweeping the court with large brooms, then move on to mopping up any wet spots. Finally, they will use special vacuum cleaners to remove any remaining dirt or dust.

High Standards 

The NBA has very high standards for its courts, and floor cleaners must be able to meet these standards on a nightly basis. They must also make sure the court is free of any potential hazards. This includes making sure that there are no loose nails or other sharp objects that could injure players.

Floor cleaners typically work during the day but may also be required to work overnight shifts during playoff games or other special events. Depending on the size of the arena and the number of courts that need to be cleaned, a team can expect to spend several hours each night cleaning the floors.

How To Become A NBA Floor Cleaner

Complete a Training Program Offered By The League: This training program will teach you how to safely and effectively clean an NBA court.

Pass a Written Exam: This exam will test your knowledge of cleaning and safety procedures. After passing this exam, you can apply for a position with an NBA team.

Have a Strong Work Ethic & Work Well Under Pressure: You should also be able to take direction from your superiors and follow instructions carefully. Most importantly, you must be able to maintain a professional attitude.

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How Much Do NBA Floor Cleaners Make A Year?

Most NBA floor cleaners make around $32,468 a year, according to ZipRecruiter. They are responsible for keeping the playing surface clean and dry during games and practices, typically working in teams of two or three using various tools to get the job done, including brooms, mops, and vacuums. 

They may also set up and take down practice equipment, such as basketball hoops and nets. Usually, working nights and weekends since that is when most NBA games and practices take place. Some may also be responsible for cleaning other areas of the arena, such as the locker rooms or offices.


Floor cleaners are an essential part of basketball and safety. They keep the court clean and free of debris, which can cause players to slip or trip. They must also help create a good playing surface for the ball. Without floor cleaners, the NBA would be a much more dangerous place to play.