How Many Points Is a Touchdown In Football? Simple Explanation

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How Many Points Is a Touchdown In Football?

In American football, a touchdown is worth six points. Touchdowns are the primary way to score in football and are often the result of a long pass play or a run into the end zone. For a touchdown to be achieved, a player on the offensive team must bring the ball into the end zone. The team with the most touchdowns at the end of the game is typically declared the winner.

There are several ways that a team can score a touchdown in football. The most common method is advancing the ball into the end zone, worth six points. Other methods include returning a kickoff or punt for a touchdown or scoring on safety, which is worth two points.

What Is The Referee Signal For a Touchdown?

In football, the referee signal for a touchdown when the official raises both arms above their head with their palms facing out. This signals that the play is over and a touchdown has been scored.

What Is an Extra Point?

In football, an extra point is a point that can be scored in addition to the usual six points for a touchdown. Extra points are worth one point each and are typically attempted by the kicker after a touchdown is scored. 

What Is a Two-Point Conversion?

In order to attempt a two-point conversion, the offense must first score a touchdown. Once they cross the goal line with the ball, they can attempt a one-point PAT from the three-yard line or go for two from the two-yard line. They can run or pass the ball into the end zone if they choose to go for two. If successful, they earn two points instead of one.

Two-point conversions are more difficult than PATs, so teams usually only attempt them when they are down by eight points or less late in the game. This is because converting a two-point try gives them a chance to tie the game, whereas kicking a PAT would only narrow the deficit to seven points.

There is some risk involved in going for two, as the offense can turn the ball over to the defense if they fail to convert. However, many coaches feel that the potential rewards outweigh the risks, especially late in close games.

What Makes an Offense Good at Scoring Touchdowns

Solid Offensive Line: A good offensive line will give the quarterback time to find an open receiver and open up holes for the running back to run through.

Talented Quarterback: A quarterback with a strong arm and accuracy can find open receivers even when the defense is playing well.

Playmakers on Offense: These players can make something happen even when the play isn’t working perfectly. Playmakers can catch a pass in traffic or make a defender miss in the open field. They’re the ones who score touchdowns when everything else fails.


In summary, a touchdown is worth six points in American football. There are other ways to score points in football, such as field goals and safeties, but touchdowns remain the most valuable way to put points on the board.