How Many Games Are In The ALCS?


How Many Games Are In The ALCS?

There are 7 games in the American League Championship Series (ALCS). The first team to win four games advances to the World Series. If the series is tied at three games apiece, then a seventh and final game is played to determine the winner. The team with the better record during the regular season gets homefield advantage.

The ALCS has been played every year since 1969. Before that, no formal playoff system was in place to determine which team from the American League would represent the league in the World Series.

Amazing 2004 ALCS Comeback

The Boston Red Sox‘ 2004 ALCS comeback was one of the most exciting moments in baseball history. Trailing 3 games to 0 to their arch-rivals – the New York Yankees. The Red Sox embarked on what would be a historic run of four successive wins, culminating in a Game 7 victory at Yankee Stadium, which would take them through to the World Series.

This remarkable event occurred over two weeks in October, with magnitude of the win reminiscent of some of baseball’s greatest victories. It is believed that this poignant comeback was spurred by the team’s never-say-die attitude, which gave them enough determination and motivation to snatch victory from across the borders.

To date, it remains one of baseball’s best-remembered moments and the only time a team has come back 0-3 in ALCS, NLCS, or World Series history.

What Makes The MLB Playoffs So Great?

The MLB Playoffs provide some of the most exciting moments in sports that keep fans on the edge of their seats. From dramatic comebacks to thrilling seventh-inning stretches, these games have it all. Fans love the unpredictability and edge-of-your-seat tension that comes with the postseason.

There’s nothing quite like watching a team of players comes together to reach an ultimate goal after months of practice and preparation. One moment can change a game, and teams play through thick and thin with an eye toward victory. It is no wonder why the MLB Playoffs are so beloved; from a pitcher’s crucial throw to an outfielder’s game-saving catch, anything can happen.