How Long Is A NHL Intermission?

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How Long Is NHL Intermission?

The average NHL intermission is fifteen minutes and thirty seconds long, where the time is used to allow the players a chance to rest and recover between periods of play. The intermission also allows any necessary repairs or replacements to be made to the playing surface.

What Do Players/Coached Do During Intermission?

NHL players use intermission as a time to rest and recuperate. They’ll often drink fluids, eat snacks to stay hydrated and fueled, and receive necessary medical treatment. During the brief break, players will also chat with coaches about strategy and make adjustments based on how the game is going.

Importance Of Ring Crew During Intermission

Hockey is a fast-paced and physical sport where players constantly fly around the ice, collide with each other, and fire the puck at high speeds. All this activity can result in many debris being left behind on the playing surface.

If this debris is not cleaned up in a timely manner, it can start to impact the game. For one, it can make the ice slipperier and more difficult to skate on, leading players to lose their footing and become injured. Also, debris on the ice can cause the puck to bounce erratically, making it harder for players to control.

A clean sheet of ice is important for fast and fluid play. Not only does it impact the safety of the players, but a dirty playing surface can also impact the quality of the game. When the surface is cluttered with debris, it slows the game down and makes it less enjoyable to watch.