How Heavy Is A Shot Put Ball?

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How Heavy Is A Shot Put Ball?

The weight of a shot put ball depends on the age and gender of the athlete competing in the event. According to official rules, men must use a 16-pound shot put while women must use an 8-pound one. For athletes under 17 years old, boys must use a 12-pound version, and girls must use an 8-pound one.

Athletes over 70 years old may also use an 8 or 12-pound ball, depending on gender. The also varies depending on gender, with men using 7 ¼ inches and women using 6 ¾ inches in diameter. 

How Are They Made? 

Shot put balls are made from solid steel or cast iron coated with plastic or rubber to help them stay intact during throws. They are designed to be spherical so that they fly farther when thrown correctly. The surface of the ball is usually covered with numerous small dimples, which help reduce air resistance when thrown at high speeds.

Furthermore, these dimples allow athletes to have better grip when throwing, making more precise throws that can travel further distances than regular smooth balls. 

Olympic Shot Put Record

In the modern Olympics, the event has been contested by men since 1896 and women since 1948. The current world record for the shot put is 23.37 meters, or 76 feet 8 1/4 inches, set by American Ryan Crouser in 2021 at the US Trials.

Tips For Trowing A Shot Put

First, start by holding the shot put in your non-dominant hand and placing your dominant hand behind it. You want to make sure that you grip it tightly so that it doesn’t slip out of your hand when you go to throw it.

Next, bring the shot put up to your shoulder and position it so that it is resting on the meaty part of your upper arm. Once you have it in position, take a step forward with your dominant foot, straighten your arm, and push off with your legs as you release the shot put.

As you release it, follow through with your arm so that you put all of your power into the throw.