How Do Curling Shoes Work? Choosing The Right Pair

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How Do Curling Shoes Work?

Curling shoes are an essential piece of equipment for any curler. These specialized shoes are designed to increase the traction and accuracy of your shots, helping you make cleaner, more accurate throws. But how exactly do curling shoes work? Let’s take a look at their construction and design to learn more. 

The Sole of the Shoe 

Curling shoes may appear to be just like regular sneakers or athletic shoes. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that they have a unique sole design that gives them a greater grip on the ice.

This is achieved through a combination of materials in the sole of the shoe, including rubber, leather, and a polyurethane-based material called “slide soles.” The slide soles provide extra grip while allowing the player to slide smoothly across the ice when throwing the stone. 

The Upper Part of the Shoe 

The upper part of a curling shoe is made from leather or synthetic materials and is designed with flexibility in mind. This allows players to easily move their feet without being restricted by stiff materials—a necessity for precise throws. The upper part also typically contains additional cushioning for comfort during long games.   

The Heel Part of the Shoe   

The heel part of a curling shoe is one of its most important features—it helps players stay balanced as they deliver their stones down the ice. It does this by providing extra stability thanks to its non-skid rubber surface, which helps keep players from slipping or sliding during their delivery motion.

Most curling shoe heels are also higher than traditional sneakers or athletic shoes, as this helps prevent players from bending too much at the waist while delivering their stone (which can lead to inaccurate shots). 

Picking The Right Pair For You

Make Sure They Fit Well: You don’t want them too loose or tight – just comfortable enough to move easily in them.

Have Good Traction: This is especially important if you’re playing on outdoor ice, as it can be slippery. Third, you’ll want to ensure the shoes you choose are comfortable. You’ll wear them for a long time, so you don’t want them to be too uncomfortable.

Consider The Price: They can range from around $100 to over $200. Finding a pair that fits your budget and meets your needs is essential for performing your best at the sport.

Where Can I Buy Curling Shoes?

One option is to check out your local sporting goods store. Another option is to search online retailers or specialty stores that sell curling equipment. You might also be able to find used shoes from other curlers who are looking to sell their old gear. Whatever route you choose, try them on before buying them to ensure they fit correctly and are comfortable.