How Deep Is A Synchronized Swimming Pool?

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Synchronized swimming, also known as “artistic swimming” or “synchro,” is a unique sport that combines athletics with artistry. It requires great strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally. But did you know that in order for synchronized swimmers to do their best, the pool has to be a certain depth?

Let’s dive into how deep synchronized swimming pools are.

How Deep Is A Synchronized Swimming Pool?

A synchronized swimming pool is typically 3.5 to 4 meters deep, just over 11 to 13 feet deep. This depth allows the athletes to perform flips and other tricks without hitting the bottom of the pool. It also gives them room to generate momentum to execute complicated routines.

The minimum depth for a pool is 2.5 meters or just over 8 feet. However, most pools used for competitions or training are at least 3 meters deep. Again, the safety of the swimmer being the most important priority.

The Benefits of Having a Deep Pool 

A deeper pool can provide additional benefits beyond just a safe place to practice and compete in synchronized swimming events. For example, it can give athletes more time underwater, allowing them to perform more intricate moves and transitions between movements before they resurface.

Also, when swimmers are performing lifts or dives, they don’t have to worry about hitting the bottom of the pool, which could damage their bodies or ruin their performance. A deeper pool also reduces noise levels from splashing due to its larger surface area, which helps keep distractions at bay during practices and competitions. 


Synchronized swimming is an incredibly unique sport that combines athleticism with artistry—at depths of 3.5-4 meters. Having deeper synchronized swimming reducing shallow water syndrome risks and eliminating potential impacts from hitting the bottom of the pool during dives or lifts.

If you’re considering getting involved in synchro, make sure your local facility meets these depth requirements to be sure you have what you need to succeed.