Enough Is Enough: It’s Time To Sign Rafael Devers To An Extension

Rafael Devers

Letting Devers Walk Would Be Another Black Eye For The Franchise

One of the biggest questions facing the Boston Red Sox this offseason is what to do with star third baseman Rafael Devers. Should they let him go into his walk year only to have his value rise? Should they (Dare I Say) trade him? Or should they lockdown the homegrown generation player to an extension?

These are the questions the front office faces as Devers is set to become a free agent after the 2023 season, and there hasn’t been much chatter of late if the Red Sox intends to make a serious offer.

Given his age (25) and talent level, not only would this help to solidify the team’s infield for years to come, but it would also send a message to the fans and players that the Red Sox are committed to winning.

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They Have The Money

The Red Sox absolutely have the money to sign Devers to a long-term extension. Not only that, but letting another homegrown generational player be a black eye for a franchise that is valued at an estimated 4 billion dollars by Forbes. This is the third-highest in baseball only behind the Yankees and Dodgers

It’s unclear what kind of contract Devers is looking for. But it’s safe to say he will seek a hefty payday, probably in the 300 million dollar range. Though that is a high price to pay, Devers is only in his mid 20’s and still has room to grow as a player.

Not only has his offense been at an elite level this year, but his defense has also improved in both the advanced metrics and eye tests. You can say Raffy is currently on a Hall-of-Fame pace as of 2022.

The Sox must sign Devers to an extension sooner rather than later. If they wait too long, they risk losing him to free agency. And they can absolutely afford to pay him what he’s worth.

Enough of these low ball offers and lockdown the face of the franchise for the next decade. What Do You Think?

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3 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough: It’s Time To Sign Rafael Devers To An Extension”

  1. The entire thrust of the article is misplaced. Sure, the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Red Sox Nation want Devers locked up long-term, but what’s his side of the story? “Story” as in what do those advising Devers say?

    They are likely to be saying that when Devers hits the open market after next season, he will command a MINIMUM of $30M per year over a lengthy contract term. If the Red Sox will offer something in that range, then signing him ought to be forthcoming. But the Sox (if Bloom continues as the decision maker) will not make such a commitment. If Bloom were so inclined, Devers would be locked up long-term already.

    1. First, thanks for the comment.

      The point is you CAN NOT let two Hall-of-Fame level players leave to go elsewhere. Yes, he’s going to command 30+ million a year, and YES, he deserves it. The Sox under Henry have always been at the top of the league in payroll, and not giving your star homegrown players deals is unacceptable. I get you can’t keep everyone, and at the end of the day, that player they couldn’t keep was Betts. Okay, but now it’s time to pay Devers, who will lead the franchise for the next decade. You have the money, so do it.

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