Does DeAndre Hopkins Disinterest Preclude Potential Trade To Patriots?

Hopkins, O'Brien

Hopkins Not Interested In New England Trade

The current Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins appears to be disinterested in the possibility of joining the New England Patriots — at least non-verbally — as the trade saga continues. 

Hopkins was asked to express his interest in teams during a recent interview with the “All Things Covered” podcast, but he was only allowed to do so by using his facial expressions. When asked about the teams, Hopkins expressed no interest in joining either the Patriots or the New York Jets. …

Where Does He Want To Go?

However, he seemed to like the idea of being traded to the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. The fact is, who wouldn’t be excited to play with quarterbacks like Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes? The Chiefs are the defending champions, and the Bills seem as poised as ever to hoist their first Lombardi Trophy. 

However, Hopkins’ dislike for the Jets, who are still attempting to trade for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, is intriguing. Maybe it’s just because they’re the Jets? 

Why The Lack Of Interest?

Despite Hopkins’s clear respect for the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Hopkins does not appear to want to suit up for New England this coming season. His well-known history with offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien may cause this. O’Brien, who was the Houston Texans’ head coach at the time, coached Hopkins for six seasons before shockingly dealing the standout to the Arizona Cardinals for a second-round pick.

Since that trade, several reports have claimed their relationship hasn’t been particularly good, and there still may be some bad blood there. But just keep in mind none of that has been confirmed. 

Does This Mean The Patriots Are Out?

Hopkins’ reactions don’t necessarily preclude a trade to the Patriots; his no-trade clause was voided due to his 2022 suspension for breaking the NFL’s substance abuse policy, so the Cardinals can offer him to anyone willing to pay the highest price. Hopkins may also decide New England isn’t so bad if the Bills or Chiefs aren’t interested in making a move for him for whatever reason.

But even if Hopkins was interested in joining the Patriots, the Cardinals’ asking price has seemed to be a non-starter for Bill Belichick. So we’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds, which seems likely sometime before the NFL draft.