Breaking down the Red Sox trade for 1B Eric Hosmer


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Red Sox Acquire First Baseman Eric Hosmer

After the Boston Red Sox made 3 trades the day before the trade deadline, they only made one more on the final day they were able to do so.  With the Sox’s complete instability at the first base position, they were able to capitalize on the San Diego Padres attempting to ship out their quality first baseman Eric Hosmer

While Hosmer is not an elite first baseman anymore, he is better than Franchy Cordero and Bobby Dalbec on both sides of the ball, so the Sox got an upgrade at the end of the day. 

In this article, I will cover all of the trade pieces involved in this deal and how they could impact their respective teams in the coming years.

How Does Eric Hosmer Help The Red Sox This Year?

The first thing worth noting about this deal is that the Padres will be taking on all of his 44-million-dollar contracts.  The Sox will pay what is the equivalent of the minimum salary for Hosmer, which is huge as it does not tie up their money into someone who is not necessarily worth that much for them. 

As I said in my opening statement, Hosmer is not elite anymore. However, he is a 4-time gold glove winner, has a silver slugger award, and is a 1x all-star, where he would also win the all-star game MVP. 

This season, Hosmer is, in every single meaning of the word, good.  He is not great, not bad, and is an upgrade over Cordero and Dalbec.  So far this year, he has .272/.336/.391 splits, with 8 home runs, 40 RBIs, 33 walks taken, and 32 runs. 

In terms of his fielding stats, he has played in 751 innings defensively this season, giving up 5 errors (.993 fielding rate) and turning 59 double plays.  Overall, he is a quality defender with a good level of consistency overall that the Sox could use to fill their last need on the infield when healthy.

When everyone returns, an infield of Hosmer, Story, Bogaerts, and Devers is absolutely phenomenal, with Plawecki or McGuire. 

Who Are The Two Prospects The Sox Got In Return?

In addition to Hosmer, Boston also got two prospects in return, both of whom are pretty solid.  The first of which being Max Ferguson, a 22-year-old who has played essentially every position, which includes 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, DH, and CF.  As of right now, he seems to project best as a short stop or second baseman, however, and was ranked as the #11 prospect in the Padres system by, falling to #15 recently. 

His main strength is his speed, as he had 55 stolen bases this season in the minor leagues and 8 triples, and 77 runs.  His call-up date is likely to be 2024, as he is still in single-A baseball; however, he shows some real promise with his speed and ability to spark quick offense. 

He has .221/.365/.723 splits on the season, with 6 home runs, 50 RBIs, 75 walks taken, and 101 strikeouts.  His plate discipline will be what he needs to work on the most while working up the ranks in the Sox system.

The other prospect Boston received in this deal was Corey Rosier, who was ranked #26 in the Padres system by and was not in their top 30 on Baseball America.  Rosier is a pure outfielder, playing primarily left field over the span of his career. 

His power hitting is not necessarily a strong suit, but he has good skill in the outfield defensively and is a solid at everything player, but not necessarily great at any one thing.  On the season, he has .263/.381/.777 splits with 6 home runs, 37 RBIs, 69 runs, and 54 walks taken. 

Overall he should be expected to be called up later in 2024 or potentially even 2025, depending on how his development continues. 

Red Sox Give Up Pitcher Jay Groome

In return for these two prospects, Eric Hosmer, and cash, the Sox gave up their #11 prospect, according to Jay Groome.  Groome was a highly touted prospect, as the number one rated player in the 2016 MLB draft by MLB pipeline; however, has somewhat lost his velocity over time. 

He now pitches with a top out at 94-95, pitching generally in the low 90s and mid-80s slider, which tends to be his best pitch.  He was not able to stick at AAA Worcester and was put back down to AA Portland this season after giving up a 3.94 ERA with a 4-win 5-loss record in Worcester. 

While he has all the potential in the world as a player and should be called up this season or potentially next, he needs a lot more coaching to work on his play and some more true flashes of his skill before a call-up.  He does struggle with walks at times, giving up 45 in his 9 starts this season, as well as giving up 13 homers. 

Overall, the Sox got a good return for a high potential pitching prospect and rounded out their prospect list, as well as getting a first baseman to help the roster immediately.    

Article Written by Jeremy Trottier

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