Betting With Ben: Pick Of The Day (2/17/2023)


Yesterdays Bet (2/17/2023)

Last night we had a brutal push. The score is 3-2 halfway through the second period and ends 4-2. Really just a bad beat on that one. Nonetheless, there is no damage done there. It brings our POD record to 2-1-1, and we have a great one tonight.

Bens Pick Of The Day (2/17/2023)

Kings over 37.5 SOG

Tonight we’re on the ice again going to Anaheim. We’re going with the Kings over shots on goal. This has been a system play to fade the Ducks at all costs. They give up a league-high 38.2 shots. And guess what the number we need to hit is?

I’m 9-1 betting on the other team’s SOG, and this is simply a fade of the Ducks defense. The entire game is spent in their zone, giving up shot after shot. The last two picks were the Penguins and Sabres against the Ducks, who both had over 40 SOG.

This has been a money-maker for me all year, and we’re riding it again.

Let’s have a night!

POD Record: