Betting With Ben (3/6/2023)


Yesterdays Bet

We took the day off yesterday after a bad POD pick of Canucks/Leafs on Saturday. How the high-powered offense of the Leads scores only 1 goal on this atrocious Canucks defense is beyond me, but nevertheless, we move on. 

Today is another gross slate, so I won’t be on too much today, but I do have a POD for you guys today:

Pick of The Day: Record 12-7-1

Sabres TT ov 3 in Reg (-130)

This is a crazy high number tonight. With the total in this game being 7 at (-128), is u heard of. Both teams are terrific over teams having top-tier offenses and below-tier defenses which is why this line is so high. 7 goals is a lot, especially when it’s still – odds. 

I like the value of the Sabres TT tonight. Being at 3 goals in Reg is something I think the Sabres should not struggle to get. You can also do 3.5, including OT if you think this game goes into OT at 3-3. The value on the Sabres is much better than the Oilers, whose TT is at 4 goals. For pretty much the same offensive output, we’re getting a goal better. 

The Sabres have had at least 3 goals in 8 of their last 9 games and what is sure to be a fast-paced and high-scoring affair; give me the Sabres TT here tonight.

Honorable Mentions: 14-12

Montana 1H -2 (-118): I love this play tonight. Montana is the better team up and down the floor; I’m going with first half because I can see the Grizzlies getting out to a good lead at halftime, but always worry for that backdoor cover which I’m looking to avoid her.

Canucks/Preds ov 6 (-121): Going back to the Canucks overs. They have been slowing down a bit recently, but I’m still riding with them because of the upside that we know it brings. The Preds are scoring more than 2 goals tonight on this Canucks team, and we know the Canucks are capable of scoring themselves. Give me the over 6 here.