A Slim Rafael Devers Takes Photo With Capitals Superstar


Raffy Takes Photo With Capitals Superstar

Over the weekend, Rafael Devers looked to be in excellent shape as he took a photo with Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin at this year’s NHL All-Star game. This is an excellent sign before the start of Spring Training that he’s taking his new role as the face of the franchise seriously. You often see examples around professional sports of players getting a guaranteed payday and not putting in the work to improve or even maintain their game.

Ultimately, the Red Sox will need him to continue to make strides as he enters the prime of his career if they want to get to where they want to go. For the next decade, he will be this generation’s version of Nomar, Big Papi, and Dustin Pedroia, whom fans will recognize when they go catch a game at Fenway or watch on NESN.

Devers’ Future Is Bright 

At only 26 years old, Devers has already accumulated 139 home runs, 782 hits, and a career batting average of .283. While the defense at third base can be shaky at times, he has continued to put in the work and has seemingly improved every season up to this point. As he matures with age, Devers could very well end up as one of the best players in franchise history when it’s all said and done.

Continuing To Improve on Defense

Being slimmer will help Devers become more agile at the hot corner. This increased agility should make a noticeable difference in improving his reaction time and range of motion on difficult plays. Such improvements will make Raffy a more well-rounded player and someone you can rely on even during the later years of his contract.

New Leadership Role Going Forward

Devers’ development as a leader will be instrumental for the Red Sox going forward after losing a cornerstone piece like Xander Bogaerts. As one of the most talented players in Major League Baseball, Raffy will need to step into a larger role and help set an example for his teammates, both on and off the field.

His presence alone will provide much-needed guidance and stability, and with his newfound status as one of baseball’s top superstars, younger players will inevitably try and follow his lead.

Devers Offers Hope for Red Sox Fans 

Let’s face it, Raffy offers hope for Red Sox fans as the remaining star player from the trio of Betts, Bogaerts, and the aforementioned Devers. If he can stay healthy, he gives the fans a bonified homegrown superstar they can identify with. Not only is this good for the club on the field, it’s good for business and putting butts in seats.