A Guide To Playing Musical Chairs 

musical chairs

A Guide To Playing Musical Chairs 

Musical chairs is a game that has been around for generations and continues to be popular among children and adults. It’s easy to learn how to play and can provide hours of fun for players of all ages.

Let’s look at the basic rules of musical chairs so you can start your game. 

Setting Up 

The first step in playing musical chairs is to set up the chairs. You will need one fewer chair than the number of people playing, so if eight people are playing, seven chairs should be arranged in a row. The music should start when everyone is seated in their chairs. During each round, one chair should be moved out of the circle until only one remains. 

Playing the Game 

When the music starts, players walk around the circle of chairs while it plays. Everyone must quickly sit on an available chair or be out of the game when it stops.

Each time someone is eliminated from the game, another chair should be removed from the circle until only one person remains in the game. This person is declared the winner and gets to pick who goes first next round.


Some basic rules must be followed when playing musical chairs for fairness and safety purposes. Players should take turns picking which chair is removed from the circle each round; no two people can pick consecutive rounds.

Players must also remain seated when other players are walking around them, or they will be disqualified for cheating. Finally, no physical contact between players should occur during gameplay, as this could lead to injury or other issues.  


Musical chairs is a classic game that people of all ages throughout history have enjoyed. With just a few simple rules, like taking turns picking which chair is removed each round and not making physical contact with anyone while playing, you’ll be able to have a safe and enjoyable experience every time you play this classic game.