5 Things to Do Before Your Kids Hit the Pool

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5 Things to Do Before Your Kids Hit the Pool

Have you noticed your little ones sneaking away to the pool or beach? They don’t tell you when they’re going, but they’re exhausted and cranky when they get back! Make it to the pool early and have a pool party. Let the kids get to know you and your friends instead of being introduced to them as “that stranger who took my kid to the pool.” You’ll establish your parenting ground rules earlier, and they’ll feel more comfortable.

Here are some simple, practical tips to make the pool a fun and relaxing experience for your whole family.

Tip 1: Make A List

Before your kids arrive at the pool, make a list of rules and expectations. This will help you and your kids know what to expect and give you something to refer to if they ask any questions. For example, ask them to show up at the pool with their swimsuit and towel; if they forget, you’ll remind them.

Make sure you’ve set expectations for how they’ll behave in the pool. For example, do you want them jumping in headfirst with the rest of the group or splashing around? Spending time brainstorming these rules and expectations will make the transition to the pool easier for everyone!

Tip 2: Know Your Rules

Before you let your kids go to the pool, discuss the expectations you’ve set for them. This is a great way to build your relationship with your kids while setting expectations for how they can act. For example, you may want them to bring a towel and a swimsuit, and you may want them to keep their swimsuit on at all times.

You may want them to follow all the pool rules (like no running, no splashing, etc.), or you may want them to be respectful of others. Whatever your expectations are, be sure you let your kids know them! They may be used to different rules, and having them suddenly change can be disconcerting.

Tip 3: Pack A Picnic

Bringing a picnic to the pool is an easy way to make it feel like summer instead of just another visit to the park. Make sure you pack healthy food that you know they’ll enjoy and don’t forget a cooler full of drinks! This will create a fun, relaxing atmosphere (with less stress on your part), but it’ll also help you get to know your kids better.

Want to make your picnic even more memorable? Invite some friends over! Sharing your picnic with friends allows you to make friends while including your kids in a social setting. This way, they get to meet other kids their age, and they get to meet new people.

Tip 4: Have Fun Games

While you’re packing that picnic, throw in some games! This is another excellent way to get to know your kids better and break the ice at the pool. The more you know about your kids, the easier it will be to communicate with them and enforce your rules.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time on these games; they can be a light break from the activity or a way to keep the kids occupied while you’re waiting in line. Some fun game suggestions include bingo, card games, word searches, and coloring activities.

Tip 5: Take A Dip In The Pool

While the rest of the family is waiting for you to remove your suit, take a dip in the pool! This is a great way to get your kids used to being in the water. They will be more comfortable as they transition from the shallow to the deep end, giving you an excellent opportunity to talk to them!

Take a few minutes to introduce yourself and your kids to other people at the pool or your kids’ friends if they’re there with you. This way, you’ll be familiar with your kids, and they’ll be familiar with other kids.


Summer is the best season to spend outdoors with your family. Whether it’s biking, hiking, or the pool, there’s plenty of fun! With that in mind, here are some practical tips to make the pool a fun and relaxing experience for your whole family.