5 Red Sox Prospects To Keep An Eye On This Summer


5 Red Sox Prospects To Watch

Just like we all predicted, it’s early May, and the Red Sox are rolling. Winning eight of their last ten games, Boston now owns the seventh-best record in all of baseball, and things are starting to look a lot better than just a few weeks ago.

Today, we’re going to look at five of their best prospects working their way through the minor leagues.

5. Bryan Mata, 23 years old, RHP, AAA

Mata has arguably the best arm in the Red Sox farm system currently. At 6’3″, 225 pounds, Mata has a strong frame, especially in the lower body, considering he was 160 pounds when Boston signed him in 2016. He underwent Tommy John surgery in the spring of 2021 and has since returned, looking great last year — throwing 83 IP, allowing 60 hits along with 105 strikeouts.

With four pitches in his arsenal (fastball, changeup, curveball, slider), Mata’s future could be a plus reliever or a middle-of-the-rotation starter if he can limit the walks. With a Fastball that tops out at around 100 MPH, he can find success in either of the rolls – it just comes down to consistency.

4. Shane Drohan, 24 Years Old, LHP, Double-A

At 6’3″, 175 pounds, Drohan has a tall frame and long arms and could benefit from adding weight. Adding a cutter in 2022, Drohan possesses four pitches (fastball, changeup, cutter, curveball), with his fastball topping out at around 96 MPH. He’s improved his velocity and currently playing for Double-A Portland. Drafted in the fifth round in 2020, Drohan has a ceiling of a starter with the chance he takes another leap going forward.

3. Miguel Bleis, 19 Years Old, OF, Single-A

Just 19 years old, Bleis is an interesting prospect with a high ceiling and low floor, his best attribute being his raw power. Right now, he projects as an everyday starter. As he progresses in the minors, he’ll need to continue to improve his contact hitting. The raw talent is there, and his arm strength is not a question to play centerfield.

2. Ceddanne Rafaela, 22 Years Old, SS/OF, Double-A

The Mookie Betts comparisons are lofty and maybe a bit unfair, but there’s a lot to like with Ceddanne Rafaela, my personal favorite prospect to follow in recent memory. He tore his way through High-A last year, batting .330 with a .962 OPS, and showed All-Star defensive capability as an outfielder.

At 5’9, Rafaela has a smaller frame but makes up for it with plus speed and potential as a contact hitter. We’re looking to see him improve his decision-making at the plate, notably his propensity to chase pitches outside of the zone. He could see time in the majors in mid-2024.

1. Marcelo Mayer, 20 Years Old, SS, High-A

The crown jewel of the farm system, Mayer was drafted by Boston in the first round in 2021. He possesses a smooth swing and has shown the ability to hit for contact and power. He has the arm power to play short at the MLB level. The 20-year-old has been off to a scorching start to May in High-A, batting .516 with 1.516 OPS and three home runs.

He should be ready for Double-A Portland soon and could see time in the majors in 2024.